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Attack on the capitol

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

In this 16x20 painting, I created a steampunk village floating in the sky powered by rainbow windmills. The dragon attacking the town - weather intentional or simply because he needed a place to land - was created in red and blue which to me are representative of the two party system in the United States. A rainbow colored balloon floats gently in toward the town hoping to provide assistance against this oppressive dragon.

Art means different things to different people which is fabulous in my humble artistic opinion. This is simply MY interpretation of the painting I was led to create. All of my paintings are created with energy and intention for the highest good of all - human-kind, animals and the earth, herself.

As always, I used high quality linen watercolor paper with vibrant Turner watercolors which for you will mean the vibrancy will last a long time. Each original is signed and I will provide a certificate of authenticity upon request. Limited high quality reproductions will also be available.

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