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Covid-19 turned the world upside down

Covid-19, the disease caused by the Coronavirus which started in December of 2019 has taken the world, shaken it around and turned it upside down. This isn't news to anyone who has been paying attention.

All of our shows for 2020 have been cancelled excluding online events or events in which my art will attend, but I will not.

What is news is how we are handling the virus to keep you safe. First and foremost, know that I have been quarantined since March of 2020 because I am immunocompromised. Since I am taking extreme precautions for myself, I also take them for you including:

  • Ensuring I am healthy while painting

  • Each painting is wrapped in archival plastic and then wiped down to be sure when it arrives at your home, it is free of germs.

  • Paintings are mailed by USPS priority so they have as little people as possible handling your item. We do advise you immediately open your package, throw away the USPS envelope and wash your hands before handling your artwork just to be sure.

  • When framed artwork returns from shows I immediately clean them off.

  • All paintings are stored in one room in my house which other family members do not venture into.

  • Other members of my family who have to work outside the home at this time strip in the garage and shower after returning home, reducing the possibility of bringing viruses home.

  • All groceries and online orders are cleaned thoroughly with disinfectant after delivery.

  • I have personally accepted the clean hands, open doors pledge through Winnebago County.

I hope you stay safe during these difficult times.

Blessed be, friend.

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