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I love, love, love barter!

In talking to a friend the other day, I discovered not everyone knows about the barter system.

Basically, it means to exchange goods and/or services for something of equivalent value. You never know if the item(s) you would like to trade, so please feel free to just ask. This helps reduce the hold capitalism has on us all, keeps things out of landfills thereby protecting the environment and saves us both money.

Below are a few categories of things I would be interested in bartering:

Gardening stuff: seeds, tools, cuttings, trees, etc.

Painting: anything watercolor, possibly oil as well

Crafting: clay, tools, etc

Electronics: tower, parts, monitor, laptop, tablets, etc

Art from other fantasy artists

Crystals and other rocks

Larger femme clothing, particularly if it's hippie or witchy aesthetic

Construction materials (we're building a cabin up north!)

Large cup bowls

If you are bartering locally, I'm in Northern Illinois. If you are bartering by USPS, we will each cover our own shipping costs, so we will both need to factor that in.

Can't wait to hear from you!

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