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Lovers revisited

I'm a firm believer in the concept that we all see different things in art. This post is simply telling you what I see and what was going on in my head as I painted this piece.

My first version of this concept was created years ago for a wedding gift to an old friend of the family. She asked for two trees in a loving embrace surrounded by other trees in a row to symbolize the people supporting their marriage.

This version is similar in the embrace of the trees, but I wanted to show the roots more as well as the very vibrant background. As always my paintings have some sort of social justice theme to them. In this painting I am highlighting a few things... the chaos in nature depicted in the lines running through the background colors, the lover's embrace, equality and representation for the LGBT community and finally the small branch to the right which looks somewhat like a human figure depicting the Goddess watching over and protecting the couple.

All of my paintings are done with intention, putting my heart, soul and magic into each piece. Blessed be, friends.

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