King of Wands

King of Wands

Keywords for the King of Wands Tarot Card

  • An entrepreneur, executive, or self-starter
  • Swagger, charm, and bold leadership
  • A master of bold, new ideas
  • Optimism, power, creativity


The King of Wands tarot card brings together all of the lessons of the Wands suit. He’s a wise leader, charismatic authority figure, and inspired creator.


Traditionally, the King of Wands card shows a man in profile, sitting on a throne. He is holding a wand and wearing a crown, and there are salamanders decorating his throne.


This feels like a solid and steady card, especially compared to the passion and heat of the other Wands court cards. Don’t be deceived. This King’s got swagger and knows when to use it.

Like all court cards, this card can represent an actual person in your life, a role you need to play, or a message you are ready to hear. If it’s a real person, it will be an alpha leader, perhaps your boss or another authority figure, who is macho to the core.


This is someone (male or female) who radiates power. The King of Wands represents a self-starter with charisma, kindness, and creativity. This person will be intense, powerful, and intimidating.

This King commands you to see your own power. He is the master of his own life and knows everything happening to him has been caused by his thoughts, words, and actions. Everything. He wants you to learn the same.


The King of Wands is an authority at removing obstacles, telling the truth (even when it hurts), and bringing outrageous visions to life. You can bring those qualities into your own life by breaking old patterns and behaviors and by giving up any victim-thinking once and for all


Keywords for the King of Wands Reversed

  • A bully or dictator
  • A sexist jerk or cheater
  • A weakling, or someone with no impact or vision
  • Erectile dysfunction



  • The original was painted on 11x14 high quality 140lb watercolor paper with Turner watercolor paints.
  • Signature is hidden in the painting. 
  • Your original painting will come with a certificate of authenticity and a backing board, wrapped in plastic.
  • The painting is vertically oriented.


High quality reproductions are also available in 11x14 and 8x10 or 5x7 (with slight cropping) on an excellent quality linen paper which will retain it's true colors for many years.