Knight of Swords

Knight of Swords

Keywords for the Knight of Swords Tarot Card

  • A soldier or fearless crusader
  • Quick action toward a goal
  • Bold communication
  • Travel by air


The Knight of Swords tarot card shows a knight riding a horse into battle without hesitation. His sword is held in front of him as he charges forward decisively.


Like all court cards, this one can represent an actual person in your life, a role you are ready to play, or a message. In all interpretations, it is an extremely active card.


The Knight of Swords can represent a soldier, a fearless crusader, or any youthful person who enters your life quickly to stir it up. Whoever this Knight is, it is someone who charges forward and acts quickly. They hate to be held back.


This Knight is forceful, assertive, and works hard to be heard and understood. He or she is always on the move and is often seen as being rash and impulsive.


He’s generally not actually rash or impulsive, however. He just thinks faster than the rest of us! He is a master of passionate thinking and creatively considers every option quickly before deciding on a course of action.


If you pull the Knight of Swords, you may have to make a quick decision and take immediate action to make it happen. Create your own path. Don’t spend the time searching for the easiest or most common way. Make your own way.


Occasionally, this card can represent travel by air or a change in lifestyle.


Keywords for the Knight of Swords Reversed

  • Violence, abuse, deliberate cruelty
  • Someone out of control
  • Passive-aggressive behavior



  • The original was painted on 11x14 high quality 140lb watercolor paper with Turner watercolor paints.
  • Signature is hidden in the painting. 
  • Your original painting will come with a certificate of authenticity and a backing board, wrapped in plastic.
  • The painting is vertically oriented.


High quality reproductions are also available in 11x14 and 8x10 or 5x7 (with slight cropping) on an excellent quality linen paper which will retain it's true colors for many years.