Page of pentacles

Page of pentacles

Keywords for the Page of Pentacles Tarot Card

  • A new job
  • Changes at work
  • A student
  • News about money or family
  • Research, scholarship, study


The traditional Page of Pentacles tarot card shows a young man gazing intently at a pentacle. He’s wearing a jaunty hat. In this deck, the flamingo stands holding the pentacle in his foot.

The young flamingo seems obsessed with his coin, holding it aloft for all to see. He’s studying it, hoping it will give up its lessons to him. There’s more to this card than studying, though. This card, like all of the court cards, often refers to a real person in your life or a role you play.

The Page of Pentacles specifically indicates a young student or someone who studies every angle of a decision before they make their choice.

If that is too specific, then it can be read as a card about research, learning, or industrious effort. It teaches you how to master your skills, talents, and creativity and helps you put your abilities to work.


The Page is someone who searches for more efficient and effective ways of doing things. He sticks to the problem until it is solved and completes every project he begins.

This card could also mean news about money, family, job, or pregnancy.


Keywords for the Page of Pentacles Reversed

  • Short-term focus
  • No follow-through
  • Problems with school
  • Problems with investments



  • The original was painted on 11x14 high quality 140lb watercolor paper with Turner watercolor paints.
  • Signature is hidden in the painting. 
  • Your original painting will come with a certificate of authenticity and a backing board, wrapped in plastic.
  • The painting is vertically oriented.


High quality reproductions are also available in 11x14 and 8x10 or 5x7 (with slight cropping) on an excellent quality linen paper which will retain it's true colors for many years.