Six of Swords

Six of Swords

Keywords for the Six of Swords Tarot Card

  • Moving to a safer environment
  • Leaving the past behind and starting over
  • A regretful but necessary rite of passage
  • Travel (over water), relocating


The Six of Swords tarot card is about acceptance and moving on from the past. It’s the card of starting over.


Traditionally, this card shows a man ferrying a woman and child across a river to their new life. They don’t want to leave, but they must. They are leaving behind a painful situation to start over. In this deck, the albatross symbolizes an epic voyage over oceans. Just like in traditional decks, this albatross doesn’t want to leave his home, but conditions are such that he must.

They have accepted the reality of their situation and their backs are turned on the past. They are facing their destiny while hopeful for the future.


When you are ready to leave your sorrows behind and start a new life, the Six of Swords is the card for you. You must look at things as they actually are, not as you wish them to be. Accept the reality of the situation, no matter how painful it is to admit the truth. Move on and don’t look back.

Once you accept the reality of your situation and move on, the struggle will be over. The pain will be in your past. You are ready for something new, even though you don’t know what the future holds.


This a very hopeful card. Once you take action to move toward your new future, you will have smooth sailing and things will change with ease.

In some cases, this card may indicate a literal move or relocation, or a short trip or vacation. If that’s the case, you will likely travel over water.


Keywords for the Six of Swords Reversed

  • You’re stuck and can’t move on
  • Someone is holding you back
  • Fear of travel or travel problems



  • The original was painted on 11x14 high quality 140lb watercolor paper with Turner watercolor paints.
  • Signature is hidden in the painting. 
  • Your original painting will come with a certificate of authenticity and a backing board, wrapped in plastic.
  • The painting is vertically oriented.


High quality reproductions are also available in 11x14 and 8x10 or 5x7 (with slight cropping) on an excellent quality linen paper which will retain it's true colors for many years.